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English Offerings

  • General Skills

    • Grammar, syntax, punctuation

    • Diction, word variety, vividness

    • Communication, clarity, structure

    • Creativity, inspiration, vision 

  • Voice​

    • An approach to writing that accepts plurilingualism and multidialectalism as an honest, authentic approach to writing. Exercises and instruction in adopting various voices, code switching, and code meshing.

High School​
  • Language

    • Rhetorical devices, tropes, schemes, imagery

    • Themes, analysis, motifs, meaning

    • Contextualization, history, semiotics

    • Vocabulary

  • Composition

    • Creativity in writing (story, poetry, essay)​

    • Communication

  • ​Literary Analysis

  • General English (subject, theme, moral, lesson, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension)​

Middle School
  • Writing (narrative, description, compare/contrast, brainstorming, editing vs. proofreading, story vs. fact, rewriting)

  • General English (subject, theme, moral, lesson, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling)​

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