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Murdered Like Me (2019) by Tanner Pfeiffer CW: anti-gay violence, torture, assault

Tanner Pfeiffer, voice and viola

Thoughts on the Loss of My Best Friend (2018) by Tanner Pfeiffer

Tanner Pfeiffer, voice and piano

Whale (2019) by Tanner Pfeiffer (18:35–end)

Tanner Pfeiffer, viola | David Stamp, projection mapped animation

"Dear Clinton" by Nick Jester 

Tanner Pfeiffer, voice | Andrew Anderson, piano | Michael Free, violin | Josh Westerman, viola | Iris Sidikman, cello | Roger Kim, guitar

et bon bon bon bon bon... (2018) by Tanner Pfeiffer (after Pierre Passereau)

Chloe Levaillant, soprano | Noah Schwartz, countertenor 

Travis Ciortan, tenor | Tanner Pfeiffer, bass

Boris Kerner by Caroline Shaw

Tanner Pfeiffer, viola

Kellen Smith, percussion

Really Craft When You by Caroline Shaw

Tanner Pfeiffer, piano | Hannah Bell, clarinet | Stephen Cantarero, cello

Andrew Barrett, guitar | Kellen Smith, percussion | Christian Schuerman, bass

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