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"Tanner has been my children's tutor for several years and has exhibited outstanding teaching and tutoring qualities since we started our relationship. My daughter was terrified of math and through Tanner's patience and support has excelled in both junior high and high school and has lost the 'math-phobia' that was dictating her approach to the subject. My son thrived under Tanner's instructions that encompassed multiple ways to understanding math concepts. We were pleased with the ways that Tanner always looked for new and innovative ways to make math relatable and understandable. Tanner has been a reliable and creative asset to our children's educational success." —Christine, mom

"Our daughter was struggling with pre-college statistics when we were introduced to Tanner Pfeiffer. After the first session our daughter said "He is going to help me pass this class!" He took real world concepts, made them into math problems and made it simpler for her to understand. Long story short—she passed without any problem. We would highly recommend Tanner for any tutoring!" —Kari, mom

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