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8TPS is an a cappella-forward octet that centers trans musicians, community, artistry, and joy. 

Chordas Collective is a vocal-forward ensemble recognizable by its polystylistic fluidity and magnetic dynamism with performance possibilities ranging from avant drag sound baths to auto-tuned Gregorian jazz. Fully committed to authenticity as well as parody, Chordas regularly collaborates with cutting edge composers and technologists to tell vital stories and play musical games.

Frequent Collaborators

Nathan Turczan

We sing together, perform each other's compositions, and have made several digital instruments derived from samples of Chordas Collective's vocalists. We are currently working on a sound dumpling lullaby.

Nathan is also the inventor of the Scale Navigator, and incredible piece of music software.

Yaya Vasquez-Lopez

Yaya and I sing together, play string instruments together, and make queer art together. We are currently working on a collection of pieces surrounding queerness and community.

In addition to being an incredible composer and musical performer, Yaya is also a drag performer, teaching artist, and model.

Socks Whitmore

Socks—the entertainment Swiss army knife—is one of my most frequent collaborators. We sing together in  various settings, and we run 8TPS together. We are currently working on creating radically accessible spaces for trans and disabled musicians to shine.

Socks can do everything that involves text or voice, so if you need something, just ask them.

Eris DeJarnett

Eris and I perform together and move together. I commissioned eir composition walking/I'm Sorry, Mom for the CalArts Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, and ey is currently working on a commission for Chordas.

Ey is also known for eir regular blogging on complex issues at the intersection of gender and music as well as being an educator in this area.

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