Tanner Pfeiffer

Musician–Educator. | Play. Connection. Closeness.

Tanner Pfeiffer (he/him) is a culture crafter and sound syncretist. His work focuses on music as social practice and socialization as musical practice; it exists at the intersection of community studies, semiotics, pedagogy, and sociolinguistics. As a conductor Tanner emphasizes radical humanization of ensembles, encouraging musical development through empathy, vulnerability, and trust. 

Tanner's music practice creates spaces for joy and connection in search of community and non-romantic intimacies. He cultivates a polystylistic aesthetic in all parts of his work and is invested in the pursuit of the ineffable as much as—if not more than—the pursuit of excellence.

Tanner is the creative director of vocal-forward ensemble Chordas Collective. He earned his MFA in the Performer-Composer program at CalArts where he studied conducting, composition, voice, and viola. He also earned a BA in Viola Performance and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.